Selected Customer Remarks (edited for brevity, names are omitted)


“I brought in an old German trade fiddle that sounded terrible but had been in the family for a long time.  I was hoping to restore it and get back something remotely playable.  I was surprised to get back an instrument that sounds better than the Roth I had been playing.  He is an alchemist in the best sense of the word.  His prices are modest too.  I would have happily paid much more than he charged.  Thanks!”

- a five-star review on



“I’m filled with joy playing your new instrument. It’s got great body, balance, and definition and it’s so responsive. It’s totally fun to play and that’s what I want.”

-from a professional player who bought our new handmade violin



“I don't know if it's the new sound post, the cleaning, or what, but I've found myself playing the fiddle longer and enjoying it more.  The A string definitely sounds different (in a good way) and you didn't change it on this violin.  My husband is not a musician, but he often listens to me practice and swears there is more separation and less of a "mushy" tone.  Thanks so much for doing great work on short notice.”

-from a fiddle player



“The guy working here is a Master with a wide selection of violins and bows.  Friendly, Helpful, Knowledgeable.  He does bow and violin repairs.”

-a five-star review on

“Thank you for your generous bow upgrade at no charge.  I appreciate not only the courtesy, but kind assistance in resolving an awkward situation for me.  When I called my teacher with the news, I’m glad to say she immediately recognized both the bow’s name and the courtesy, and was appropriately impressed and thankful.”

-from a new string player



“I visited several Seattle and North Lake Washington violin stores and let them know my intention to purchase a violin in the 1k$ to 1.4k$ range, including case.  I then took the proposed violins to our teacher, and she played each and selected the violin that sounded best and was easiest to play by her assessment.  The Kenmore Violins violin was purchased.  Kenmore Violins operates at a very high ethics, customer service, satisfaction, which proved to be very valuable, saved us a lot of money.  Kenmore Violins provided the best violin at the lowest cost.”

-a five-star review on



 “The fiddle is absolutely fantastic, thank you so much.  I taught my class last night and the students noticed the difference before I mentioned it.  We had an after-class session and I was enjoying playing so much that we went on til 2am.  The sound is still rich and deep but much more open and strong and balanced, also the bridge arch is better, I think, because I’m finding it easier to do the string crossings.”

-from a leading Irish fiddler



“I recently pulled my violin out for the first time in a year and the bridge collapsed on me and wouldn't stay up, so I looked for a violin shop as I hadn't had it in since I moved to Washington.  I am so glad that I found this shop.  Not only did the gentleman there fix my bridge issue the next day (it had never been cut right for my violin) but he also helped to lubricate my pegs, which had never been done, and he replaced my A string (a $30 Evah Pirazzi) for no charge, as it had begun to fray while he was tuning.  What a fantastic man who totally knows his way around a stringed instrument! 

I won't take my violin anywhere else and I can't wait to take my daughter here when she is ready to start playing!”

-a five-star review on Yelp



In mid-march I brought you my violin and we ended up looking

into its dead sound and heavy weight. You took up the task of

regraduating it, and asked me to let you know how I felt about it. 


I've had trouble finding words for how happy I am.  It was like

you took my beloved old instrument and carved a new one.

It looks like I always remembered, but feels different, and the sound!


There was a new resurgence of love that came from this, like

the rekindling of a relationship when you didn't know it had gone stale.

I am in love with my instrument again. I am excited to hear it when

I pick it up.


The poor thing was suffocating for so long.  I am immeasurably grateful.”

-from a violinist



“This guy fixed my fiddle while I waited, and the repairs were superior to those done by the luthiers in my home town!  I was traveling and dropped in.  I was glad I did!  Thanks!”

-a five-star review on Yelp


“My fiddle needed major surgery; a bad bass bar crack opened up and the sound went out of it. Fortunately I took it to Kenmore Violins. When he opened it up he found several poorly repaired cracks including a very badly done soundpost crack repair. You put it all to rights in less than a week. New bass bar, sound post, beautiful soundpost patch. I got it back today and it sounds FANTASTIC! Better than before.  Thanks, I'm a happy fiddler tonight.”

--from a professional player



“I have been coming to Kenmore Violins for years and your service and helpfulness have never left me wanting, whether it was a re-hair, a new bow, or a new instrument entirely.  Commissioning my own instrument from you was a pleasure and the final result was nothing short of amazing”.

- a five-star review on



“Thank you again for the quick repair on my violin.  The tone is more brilliant and rich than I ever remember it.  Whatever you did, you did it perfectly.  I am grateful.”

--from a loyal customer



“Thank you so much for the violin! It's been a blast teaching and playing on

 such a better instrument than I previously had.”

 --from a string teacher who purchased one of our rental violins



“I'm a higher intermediate level violinist and Kenmore Violins is one of the best shops I've ever visited in my career playing violin.  The owner is a very qualified and talented luthier and each time I go to his shop it's a great and valuable experience--he always has exactly what I need!  

I purchased my first violin, bow and case from him and they've been working wonderfully!  

I highly recommend this shop, and I can guarantee that you'll love it too.”

 --a five-star review on Yelp


“Thank you so much for giving (my daughter) an audience on

Wednesday.  She was really thrilled to be able to play for you.  Her journey

has been a fun one, and by having a shop so near our home, you helped

launch her hobby and have enhanced the process for me as well.  To me,

 Kenmore Violins is one of the best assets of Kenmore. Thanks again!”

 --from the mother of a young violinist



“You were so nice and very informative.  We had returned our rented viola from another store and decided to go local and rent from Kenmore Violins.  I was very impressed with his shop, his ease with both my kids, and his patience for answering ALL of their questions.  I highly recommend Kenmore Violins!”

-a five-star review posted on our Facebook page



“I thought I should let you know I've been very happy with the fiddle you

[repaired].  I've been playing it a lot and it's opened up quite a bit already.

Overall I'm extremely impressed with the difference in sound.  Thanks again

for giving it your attention.”

--from a professional player



“I've been going to Kenmore Violins for the last eight years.  The owner is very knowledgeable, patient, and friendly.  Every time I visit is a positive experience along with high quality work.  Whether it's a tune-up on my violin or bow rehair, the outcome is always excellent.”

-a five-star review on Yelp



This is an amazing violin shop. I wish I had known there were shops like this

last fall when my daughter started playing violin. We rented a 1/10th violin

from a generalist music store and the instrument wasn't that good. Then it

was time to upgrade to an 1/8th size violin for her and I stumbled upon this

shop and saw the 100% trade-in value when upgrading. This made the

decision whether to rent or purchase a no-brainer, since we are going to be

upgrading her violin at least 4 more times!

The owner is very knowledgeable and obviously passionate about violins and violin making. He was very helpful in our instrument selection process. The

instruments I tested were very good, and we ended up with an easy to play

and nice sounding 1/8 size violin. My daughter loves it! I wish I had access

to an instrument like that when I was 7 years old –maybe I would have

stuck with the lessons!”

--a five-star review on Yelp


“You expertly repaired my cello in a very timely manner, and helped me

choose the best options for my instrument based on my budget, my level of

play, and the worth of my cello. I enjoyed my interactions with you and the

experience of using Kenmore Violins. I recommend your services!

--a five-star review on Yelp


“I will recommend your shop and service to other string players in town.”

--from a player in Ketchikan, Alaska



“I have been doing some viola practicing since returning home today with

my new strings.  I LOVE the change in string brands, thank you so much

for talking with me about strings.  Bizet's L'Arlesienne #2 has never

sounded this good.  I am a very happy viola player!!!”

--from a fine violist



“Just want to thank you for the photos of (our son) and his new violin.  We

love the photos, and we love your shop and what you do.”

--from customers on Whidbey Island, WA



“As I haven’t responded since you overhauled my violin, I wanted to say

how much I appreciated all the attention and work that you did!  My violin

sounds 100% better than it did before, and my play has been much freer

because of it.”

--from a professional violinist



“I just wanted to say thanks for the great violin you rented me!  I had my

first lesson with it last night and it was amazing the difference in tone and

ease of play.  My instructor was very impressed with it as well.”

--from an adult violin student


“My daughter is LOVING her new violin and is playing it lots.  It's always a 
pleasure to do business with you, and we will look forward to the next time. 
So far she is quite thrilled with it. The tone is so rich.  She performed for a 
friend of mine yesterday and it went very well.  Thanks again for everything”
--from the proud Mom of a fine young violinist


“Kenmore Violins. If you need a violin, viola, cello, bass, or mandolin,

this is THE PLACE to go!  The owner, a master luthier, will take good care

of you.”

--from a Mom & Daughter duo who perform locally


“I just wanted to take a minute to THANK YOU for taking time today to

share your knowledge and your kindness.  Your gentle way of listening and

teaching holds the same peaceful energy as does the shop, and the

beautiful pieces awaiting homes that rest in it.  Within a month, I plan to visit

again to purchase one of those special instruments.  Thank you again for

 sharing stories and your passion for creating.  See you soon”

--from a violin enthusiast          


“We want to thank you for your excellent workmanship and expertise on the

cello repair.  We have so enjoyed doing business with you and appreciate

your honesty and integrity.  Our daughter who plays violin still cherishes

hers and you will be glad to know that it is still in beautiful shape and sounds

even richer than when we first purchased it from you.  We recommend your

shop whenever we can!”

--from a parent of string players


Your violin is in very appreciative hands.  I'm sorry I haven't sent a note

sooner to say how pleased I am with the violin.  I am enjoying it more and

more every day.  You may also be pleased to know that after I left your

shop calling it my own, we went to the other shop to return the other bows,

and they had two instruments ready for me to try at three times the price.  I

thought I still had bought the best instrument.”

--from a teacher/symphony member (Assistant Concertmaster)


“I am still enjoying your violin. It sounds good wherever I play, and I just

love how well it stays in tune from day to day. It has been a real pleasure to


--from same teacher/symphony member, 9 months after violin purchase


“Just a note to thank you for the work you did on my bow.  I realize you

went the extra mile for me.  Thanks so much.  You’ll be hearing from me


--from a professional violinist


“Thanks again for your expert job in rehairing my Sartory violin bow.  It

plays like a dream.”

--from a teacher and performer


“I am very impressed with the level of service and knowledge you provided

during my undertaking of looking for a new violin.  During my visit to your

shop, you were very friendly and patient.  Furthermore, you went the extra

mile by giving interesting insight into the history and care of the violin. 

Overall, a wonderful experience and I look forward to doing business with

you in the future!”

--from a classical violinist


“I have been very pleased with the quality of service you have given me and

my students.  Most recently, you patiently walked a family through a violin

purchase, helping them make a difficult decision.  Earlier you restored the

camber on my bow, bringing it back to its original playing capability, and

gave me thorough and prompt appraisals of my instruments for insurance. 

I trust your professionalism, and regard you as a very honest and capable


---from a classical string teacher


“You rebuilt the bow for my violin built in 1902 by my grandfather for his

daughter, my mother. You thought it was a good bow, and proved it by

rebuilding it. You were right.  I wouldn’t have trusted just any repairman with

it. I have enjoyed visiting with you, picking your brains for expertise on

stringed instruments. You’re a good man and a good craftsman.”

--from a fiddle/mandolin player


“Just wanted to thank you for your fine work on my violin! It sounds terrific!

The harmonics ring! You’ve worked miracles on it! I was just about ready to

trade it in.”

--from a classical violinist


“I have found your work to be excellent.  You have been honest with us in

terms of what amount of repair our instruments truly need.”

--from a Public School Fine Arts Administrator


“We purchased two violins and two bows. All have been of excellent quality. 

He pays meticulous attention to setting up each violin properly, and

thoroughly backs up the work he does.  He also pays close attention to the

quality of the violins he selects to restore, and prices them fairly. Besides

restoring high quality instruments and bows, He has a love of the

instruments, and takes great pleasure in seeing them placed in the hands of

deserving students and professionals. We have always recommended him

to our friends.”

--from the parents of two violin students


“Thank you so very much for both selling that nice old violin and for the

education about violins! It was an absolute delight to work with you and now

I feel I have a luthier that I can count on for repairs as well. It was an all

around pleasant and profitable experience and for that I thank you very

much. I hope to do business with you again in the not too distant future.”

--from a partner in a violin consignment sale


“When you made changes/repairs or adjustments to my instrument or bow I

 could always hear and feel the improvement. You have made the single

most significant contribution to my enjoyment of and quality of my violin and

 fiddle playing”

--from a classical violinist


“I had a chance to finally play the violin and it sounds great! Specifically it

seems to have more resonance and sounds a bit louder. The tone seems to

ring, as if you opened up something inside of it! The pegs are working much

easier and the G is much easier to adjust. Thanks for your magic touch!”

--from a classical violinist


“Repair work has been high quality. We’ve appreciated the fairness with

pricing as well”   

--from a music store owner